Stroller Strides Enhanced Training

enhanced taining

On May 30th, two of our Stroller Strides instructors, Lisa DeArmond and Sharon Candelaria attended an enhanced training workshop in Austin, Texas. Sharon tells us about her experience that day:

Enhanced training was a one day seminar that provided Stroller Strides franchise owners and instructors an opportunity to connect with their peers to learn innovative exercise techniques, teaching methods, pre and post natal concerns, and activities to incorporate in our classes. The seminar was conducted by Farel Hruska, a certified fitness professional and National Fitness Director for Stroller Strides, who truly embodies the Stroller Strides motto: spirit, fitness, and motherhood.

As an instructor, this seminar provided me the quintessential elements necessary to provide my class participants exactly what they deserve…the best! I am eager to share the knowledge I gained to help enrich the lives of the fabulous members with our North San Antonio Stroller Strides group. Remember, fit moms and their babies rock!

Click here to see more photos from the weekend.


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