Commitment to Exercise

Have you ever planned to workout and somehow it just didn’t happen? In Lisa Druxman’s book, “Lean Mommy” she gives some great tips on how to commit and stay with an exercise program.

Tip #1 Have Fun

Pick an activity that you like to do. If you hate running on the treadmill skip it and head out to play ball with the kids or go for a walk. Stroller Strides is a great option because you get to socialize with other moms while getting a great workout.

Tip #2 Be Flexible

Make sure to fit activity into your daily routine no matter what. Know that even if you can’t do your usual aerobics tape or make it to class always have back up activities in mind. If your little one is sick and you can’t get out of the house hit the living room carpet with push-ups, sit-ups and lunges. These exercises are a great way to burn those extra calories.

Tip #3 Get Up Earlier

Do you stay in bed an extra 30 minutes because your little one decided to be up all night or do you get up and get moving? Research has indicated that sleep deprivation can cause weight gain however if you can manage to wake up 30 minutes earlier you can get a few moments to yourself to mentally prepare for your day and workout. I know If I wake up at least 20 minutes before my kids I feel like I have a much better start to the day without feeling rushed.

Tip#4 Meet A Friend Or Friends

It’s plain and simple women love to be around other women. We talk , build friendships and have fun working out together. Working out with a friend makes the workout go by much faster and your friends hold you accountable. Stroller Strides is a great option for a new mom looking to meet other moms, get an amazing workout and have an instant support network all in one.

Tip #5 Cross Train

Make sure to mix up your workout routine to prevent boredom and hitting a plateau. Our bodies need to be challenged to see continued results. Find other activities that you enjoy and set goals to try those activities. Sign up to run a race or go to Stroller Strides classes at different locations or try a new workout video twice a week. By cross training you can keep your workouts exciting and coming back for more!


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