Specialty Running Classes: Thursdays at McAllister Park


Running is one of the best activities most people can do to improve their health. Running regularly can help with weight loss, fighting aging and disease, and with generally staying healthy.

North San Antonio Stroller Strides has begun offering specialty running classes on Thursday at McAllister Park. These classes will provide encouragement and motivation for anyone interested in reaching new running goals. The classes are for all running levels, and will incorporate the Hal Higdon method of training. If you are interested in training for your first 5K or your first Marathon, this class is for you. Topics including proper form, injury prevention, and shoe selection will be presented.

Think you’d like to try it, but not sure if running is for you? Check out this article about the many benefits of running. It’s sure to get you off the fence and into you running shoes.

For more information about the running classes at McAllister park, click here.


One Response to Specialty Running Classes: Thursdays at McAllister Park

  1. Helen says:

    Everytime I stop by here I want to start running again. Running is such a wonderfull acticity. Especially when you reach that special point. Like meditation 🙂

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