August Bookclub: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

angry HousewivesThe North San Antonio Stroller Strides Book Club met last week and August’s book was announced. This month, we’ll be reading “Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons,” by  Lorna Landvik. See a review of the book below.

“Good friends and good books—who could ask for anything more? Especially if you happen to throw in lots of good food featuring heavy doses of chocolate—-and you have a fascinating neighborhood book club called Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons. Faith is a transplanted Southerner feeling out-of-place in the frozen wasteland of Minnesota when one night a power outage sends her outdoors to meet her neighbors in a snowball fight that will change her life. Years later, when a therapist asks her how she was able to hold things together for so long, she will reply “That’s easy. I belong to a book club.” For it is on that cold and snowy night that Faith and four of her neighbors conceive of a book club that will bind them for life and see them through their darkest traumas and most joyful events. Readers will be totally engrossed in the lives of these stay-at-home moms: Faith, who hides a past that shames her; Audrey, the proverbial sex kitten who can’t hold her husband; Merit, the shy introvert who suffers physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her doctor husband; Slip, the antiwar activist who finds plenty to shout about during the Vietnam era; and Kari, the widowed elder of the group whose life takes on new meaning when an unexpected event gives her the child she has always longed for. From the sixties to the nineties you will follow these women and share their deep friendship, big laughs, and heart-breaking tears. The big bonus for book-lovers is that each chapter features the book title and author being discussed at the monthly meeting. Your interest will be piqued as you rediscover old favorites and may be inspired to read a few you missed along the way.”

The next book club meeting will be held on August 5th at 6:30. For more details check out our calendar on Meetup.


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