Keeping your Toddler Entertained In the Stroller

There are challenges with keeping our children entertained in the stroller at any age. This week, Stroller Strides of the Golden Triangle gives some suggestions on how to keep our toddlers entertained.

  • Try putting together a “Stroller Strides Backback” with activities/toys just for class and that can only be used when your toddler is in his/her stroller. You can also trade these toys with others moms once your kiddos tire of them!
  • Etch a Sketch, Sticker Books, Leap Frog and Aquadoodle are some things specifically made for cars or airplane travel (strollers fit in this category too)! As you may already do in your household, change out/rotate toys on a monthly basis.
  • Try having your child string cheerios on some plastic cord and then they have an edible healthy snack after they are finished.
  • I found this really cool and inexpensive product called Wikki Stix ($3.25 for 24) that looks like a perfect thing for stroller or restaurant entertainment.
  • I know this may sound like a bit of work but at the start of the week, wrap up a couple hidden prizes/small toys inside a few small boxes before class and let your child unwrap a surprise during the abs/cool-down portion of class.

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