Recipe Idea: Quick, Easy Southwestern Quesadilla

from Bernadette’s cookbook.

This is a great lunch, snack or quick dinner.  I came up with this recipe because I’m always looking for ways to make Mexican food a little healthier but still delicious.

You will need:

Wheat or Corn tortillas (two per quesadilla usually one quesadilla per person.  unless, your husband eats like mine and you’ll need more)

one can/package Corn

one can Black Beans

one can Diced Tomatoes (with or without green chiles depending on taste.  I like mine with a lot of chile so I use HOT Rotel w/ green chile)

Grilled Chicken (Grill your own or HEB makes great pre-seasoned pre-cooked fajitas.  I often buy the pre-seasoned uncooked fajitas from HEB. Grill them myself on the weekend and reserve some for later in the week.)

Your choice of shredded reduced fat cheese.


Drain the black beans, corn and most of the tomato juice.   Heat them all up on the stove together letting them simmer a little in the tomato juices.  Remember not to leave too much juice,  you don’t want soggy tortillas.


Heat up the chicken so that all ingredients are hot and ready to go.  Place tortilla on non-stick skillet.  Place a little bit of cheese on the tortilla then scoop the bean/corn mixture onto the tortilla.  Add some chicken and top it off with some cheese (about 1 tbsp).  Put another tortilla on top and let it warm up.  Flip and heat up the other side (you can use a spatula to help you do this number.  Don’t spill the beans!)


Place a tortilla on a microwavable plate and scoop beans mixture onto the tortilla.  Add several pieces of the pre-grilled chicken to the top of the beans.  Add a little (about a tablespoon) of your cheese to the top of everything.  Place another tortilla on top and pop it in the microwave. You don’t have to heat the chicken up if you’re using the microwave, if your micro is worth it’s salt everything will heat up nice and yummy.

Chef’s note:  the best way to keep your tortillas soft and yummy in the microwave is to lightly sprinkle a paper towel with a little water and place the towel over the plate while in microwave.


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