Practice what you preach!

kids downward dog[1]As I prepare my daughters’ lunches, I often wonder what their teachers think.  Do they find the black bean and cheese tacos wrapped in whole wheat tortillas appetizing?  Do they pity my children? My school lunches were packed with cheetos, soda, and ding dongs.  When did I become this health nut?  The truth is it was a progression.  I started eating healthier in my early twenties but didn’t really make a conscious effort until my oldest was just learning to eat.  I quickly realized she wanted to eat what I was eating.  If I was ever going to encourage healthy eating habits, I should lead by example.  As time goes by I realize that my healthy habits influence my children positively every day.  Each day we go to the park for my Stroller Strides class followed by an hour of free play at the park.  I see the impact as I watch my daughter practice her stroller strides exercises in the mirror.  Of course, I also see my temper, anxiety and impatience.  We are all works in progress!  Which is why I congratulate you Stoller Striders, everyday you decide to come to Stroller Strides is a day you positively impact your child.

Find more ways to become a role model for your children, follow the link

What’s Healthy for Kid is Healthy for Adults


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