“Mom’s With A Mission” Breast Cancer Prevention Weekly Tip

Week #3: Eat Smart

Studies have found potential links between pesticides and breast cancer risk. Pesticides and other synthetic chemicals are found in our food. Read labels, ask your grocer to stock organic produce and hormone-free meats and dairy products, and look for organic food at your local farmers’ market. And when gardening or treating your lawn, look for natural alternatives to chemical weed and bug killers and take preventative measures such as mulching for weeds and using traps, barriers, fabric row covers, or plant-based repellants to get rid of pests.

The pesticides of greatest concern for breast cancer are used in the agricultural setting. To take a step further, visit the Pesticide Action Network website (www.panna.org) to clean up the environment beyond your home.

Fact:  Did you know LUNA bars are made with 70% organic and 100% entirely natural ingredients?


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