Miscarriage…Please Talk About It!

Yesterday I saw a  blog posted on Twitter by Lisa Druxman the founder of Stroller Strides.  It was titled, miscarriage…please talk about it.  After reading her blog I was inspired to share my story…On September 19th, 2007, my daughter Amelia was born still at 33wks.  This was devistating of course but many of the emotions I felt were not what one would expect.  I felt a tremendous amount of shame, guilt, and embarrasment.  Later I learned these were common feelings among women suffering from pregnancy loss.  They never found a cause for my little Amelia’s death, I know I did nothing wrong.  However, those initial emotions of shame and guilt still keep me from sharing my experiences.  I hope that speaking out today will encourage women to talk about how they are feeling, share your thoughts and experiences.  You are not alone!!

Read Lisa Druxman’s Blog

Miscarriage…Please Talk About It!


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