Get Fit Challenge Results

Ok so it has been over a month since our Get Fit Challenge ended and I am finally able to sit down to post our results.  First let me say congratulations to everyone who participated.  I was very impressed with the improvements everybody made.  The challenge measured improvements in overall fitness level and body compostion.  We measured the fitness level with a series of  fitness tests- push ups, curl ups, timed shuttle run and timed mile.  For body composition we simply measured inches lost.

Since there were so many elements to this challenge and everyone did so well I would like to announce the winners of each category.

Shuttle run(30 ft dash to line and return to start)-with an improved time from 7.17 seconds to 5.60 seconds- MELISSA SANCHEZ

Endurance run(timed mile)-with an imrove time from 10’15” to 8’59”- MELISSA FOREY

Right Angle Push Up(90° angle push up every 3 seconds)- with an increase from 2 -13- KIM ELERICK

Partial Curl Up(curl up/crunch every 3 seconds)- with an increase from 100- 250-STEPHANIE BURKEN

Total inches lost(measurements taken at chest, hip, waist, thigh and upper arm- STEPHANIE BURKEN

3rd place winner– SARA HARDIGAN

2nd place winner-CLARICE NGUYEN


Congratulations again to everyone who participated, I was so proud of each and every one of you.

Our next competition 2010 Healthy Mamma Challenge will begin June 21st. It is designed to encourage us as moms to take time out for ourselves.  Through the competition each participant can earn points by focusing on their Mind, Body and Spirit.  The individual or team with the most points wins.  It is very easy to earn points and this is something you can take with you on vacation so this is a perfect competition for the summer.  You can earn points by drinking 8 glasses of water a day, eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, keeping a food journal, going for a walk, watching a fitness video, attending stroller strides of course!, reading a book, learning a new skill such as knitting, scrapbooking, keeping a spiritual journal, meditating.  These are just a few examples.  Our hope is to encourage each one of you to develop new healthy habits after 4 weeks of repitition through competition.

Score Cards

Food Diary

Score Card Instructions

Please RSVP by Friday June 18th. If teams are made they will be announced on June 21st.


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