Mom’s With A Mission – Reduction of Household Environmental Toxins

July 29, 2010

Week #4:  Fact: Plastic baby bottles are often made with polycarbonate plastic that can leach Bisphenol-A. This chemical disrupts proper hormone functioning, alters genes and disrupts normal physical and behavioral development.

Action: Use bottles made of glass or polypropylene plastic.  Two companies who make these safer baby bottles are ThinkBaby and Born Free.


Mom’s With A Mission – Reduction of Household Environmental Toxins

July 22, 2010


Week #3:  Fact: According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is one of the top five environmental health concerns. Given that people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, it’s important to do what you can to reduce indoor air pollution. 

 Action: One of the simplest things you can do is open a window. Even if it’s chilly outside, you should open a window for just five minutes a day to significantly decrease the concentrations of indoor air pollutants in your home. Most home heating and cooling systems, including forced air heating systems, do not mechanically bring fresh air into the house. Open a window and start breathing cleaner air.  

Mom’s With A Mission – Reduction of Household Environmental Toxins

July 15, 2010

Week #2:  Fact: Laboratory tests of eight industry-leader baby foods reveal the presence of 16 pesticides, including three carcinogens. 

Action: Buy certified organic baby food (Plum Organics and Happy Baby are great flash frozen organic brands).

Mom’s With A Mission – Reduction of Household Environmental Toxins

July 12, 2010

Week #1:  Fact: According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Academy of Sciences, standard chemicals are up to ten times more toxic to children than to adults, depending on body weight. This is due to the fact that children take in more toxic chemicals relative to body weight than adults and have developing organ systems that are more vulnerable and less able to detoxify toxic chemicals.

Action: Detoxify your home by using environmentally-friendly products and eating organic foods whenever possible.

Stroller Strides classes at Hardberger Park getting lots of attention!

July 9, 2010

Check out the Blog about us on Urban Oasis,  a blog that focuses on the latest developments, events and news about Phil Hardberger Park, the largest city park to open in San Antonio since 1899.

Thanks Jeff for the write up!

Sunburst Stroller Project Kick Off was a HUGE HIT!!!!

July 8, 2010

Stroller Strides in San Antonio is working with Nature Sweet and SAMMinistries to provide more than 25 families in need with new baby strollers and fun, stroller-based exercise classes.  The event got HUGE national attention, appearing on KLFY, AOl,,, Red Orbit, Sustainable Business, Interest!Alert, Street Insider,, NewsBlaze, PRNewswire, PR Newswire via Yahoo!, Yahoo! Finance, Sys-Con Media and the Houston Chronicle websites.

Here is what they said!

Today, San Antonio-based NatureSweet® in partnership with local organizations, Stroller Strides and SAMMinistries, kicked off the SunBursts Stroller Project, a two-part program to provide more than 25 families in need with new baby strollers and fun, stroller-based exercise classes.

In celebration of NatureSweet’s new, bite-sized, yellow SunBursts tomato, the company donated 30 yellow strollers to families with SAMMinistries. As part of the project, Stroller Strides is providing two free stroller-based exercise classes to SAMMinistries families, the first of these classes was held at Walker Ranch Park today.

“Our newest, sweetest tomato yet, SunBursts are a delicious snack — packed with great flavor and a healthy dose of optimism,” said Jane Raynandi, brand manager for Desert Glory, producer of NatureSweet tomatoes. “Through this project with SAMMinistries and Stroller Strides, we hope to bring a little sunshine to our community and encourage healthy snacking.”

“SAMMinistries recognizes the value of healthy choices and the essential part they play in our overall well-being. So, we are excited to be a partner with SunBursts and Stroller Strides as they enhance the lives of the families we serve,” said Navarra Williams, president and CEO of SAMMinistries. “We are thankful for the wonderful gift of the strollers for our families. I know they will be appreciated by our moms and their kids as they work toward a healthier future.”

The second class of the SunBursts Stroller Project will be open to the general public and will be held at the San Antonio Zoo on Saturday, July 24, at 10:00 a.m.

“We’re excited to partner with SunBursts to teach new moms the advantages of leading healthy lifestyles by incorporating exercise and healthy eating into their weekly routines,” said Lisa DeArmond, owner of North San Antonio Stroller Strides. “These small changes to their exercise and eating habits, including healthy snacking, have a huge impact on their well-being and that of their children.”

SunBursts are not only bursting with flavor but are also nutrient-rich and naturally sodium free. In addition to being a good source of vitamin A and dietary fiber, these tomatoes are high in vitamin C. Each serving of SunBursts has only 45 calories, which means a whole package can be enjoyed for about 90 calories. Like all NatureSweet tomatoes, SunBursts are allowed to fully ripen on the vine, producing exceptional flavor and consistent quality year-round so you can always Snack for Joy!™

SunBursts are now available at major grocers throughout Texas. For more information on the SunBursts Stroller Project and SunBursts tomatoes, such as nutrition facts, availability, snacking tips, and more, visit

About NatureSweet

NatureSweet tomatoes are distributed throughout the United States at major grocers, club stores, and foodservice operators. Always vine-ripened, hand-picked, and carefully packaged, NatureSweet tomatoes consistently deliver the best taste with year-round availability. As the number one brand of vine-ripened cherry tomatoes in the United States, NatureSweet’s growing operations proudly employ 5,000 associates year-round. For more information about NatureSweet tomatoes, visit

Contact: Lindsay Lehfeld, Fleishman-Hillard  
  (512) 495-7185

Early Bird Special for Ready To Run 5 Mile and 1/2 Marathon Training Programs

July 5, 2010


                                                  Members           Non Members
Pay for 5mile
before Sat 7/10                         $90                       $115
Pay for 5mile
on Sat 7/10                                $100                     $125
Pay for 5mile
&1/2 before Sat 7/10               $185                      $235
Pay for 5mile
&1/2 on Sat 7/10                      $200                    $250
**5 Mile program is an 8 week program, 1/2 Marathon is a 10 week program totalling a 18 week program for both!
**To Pre-pay contact to make arrangements



And kick off for the San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon Training Program
**We will begin training for the SARR Labor Day 5 Mile Whine Run on Saturday July 10th at 8:30am at Walker Ranch Park. This is a fun run/walk perfect beginners or a great kick off for anyone training for the 1/2 Marathon in November. The race is held at the Dry Comal Creek Vineyards in New Braunfels, with free wine after the race.
**You will learn about running form, injury prevention, increasing speed and distance, choosing the right shoe and much more.
**Stroller Strides of North San Antonio is the only program in San Antonio that allows strollers. However they are not required. We encourage you to have rain covers on hand. Classes will be rescheduled for severe weather, we will still meet for light to moderate rain.
**Cost of Training program is $100 for Stroller Strides members and $125 or non members