Moms With A Mission

January 31, 2011


: Tip#1 Make your home a chemical-free sanctuary.


Exercise of the week

January 25, 2011
Squat Plus Lateral Raise:

Step on the tube with both feet and cross the tube in front of you. Start with a standard squat holding onto the handles of the tube. Once the squat is mastered, add in the lateral raise bringing the arms up to the sides shoulder height.

Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Keep the spine in neutral by drawing belly button to spine
  • Align the head with the spine.
  • Keep the upper trapezius relaxed/away from the ears.
  • Lock wrists in neutral.
  • Keep knees soft.
  • To decrease intensity, perform exercise without the tubing.
The Prenatal “WHY”: There are so reasons why this exercise is good for the pregnant woman! Because she is training to be fit for motherhood, this very functional exercise trains the shoulders for lifting and carrying. The squat movement is the same movement she will use to get up and down and pick up her baby once they come home.


Moms With A Mission

January 25, 2011



: Less than 10% of breast cancers occur in women with a genetic predisposition to the disease. Visit to learn more!


MNO- Next Tuesday!

January 19, 2011

Come join us for a puree party!

We will be making veggie & fruit purees that can be used either for baby food for little ones or in recipes to get your older kids to eat healthy foods without even knowing it! Brooke from Eden’s Baby will also demo the Beaba for us.

Everyone please bring 2 pounds of a fruit or veggie to puree. Also if anyone has a Beaba, food processor, or steamer, please bring those as well.

Thanks to Candice for volunteering to host! She will make a few appetizers from Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook Deceptively Delicious – and you will leave with the recipes she used to try on your own family with your freshly made purees! Everyone is welcome to bring over food or drinks to snack on while we puree. You can choose from the list of veggies & fruits below or come up with one of your own.

Butternut Squash
Red Bell Peppers
Sweet Potatoes
Summer Squash


NOTE: When you RSVP, please say what veggie or fruit you will bring to puree as well as what appetizer or drink you plan to bring. That way we don’t end up with everyone bringing the same items to puree.

Hope to see you there!


Exercise of the week

January 18, 2011
Disc Plank to Tuck:  

Place both feet on the gliding discs or plates and get into plank position. Activate the core and draw both feet in towards the chest at the same time. (This can be performed without discs or plates by jumping the feet in and back out).

Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Keep the spine in neutral by drawing belly button to spine
  • Align the head with the spine.
  • Pull the knees in with core…not solely with the hip flexors.
  • For wrist pain, try this exercise on the fists.
  • To decrease intensity, walk the feet in and out slowly.
The Prenatal “WHY”: The core challenge in this exercise is beneficial for the prenatal woman when combating the postural dysfunction which comes as her pregnancy progresses. As baby gets bigger, she will need to separate her knees to leave room for belly.

February’s Book Choice- (Book Club)

January 12, 2011

No worries if you missed last night’s book club gathering….. Join us February 8th at Lisa DeArmond’s home for the award-winning novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.


Mark Haddon’s bitterly funny debut novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, is a murder mystery of sorts–one told by an autistic version of Adrian Mole. Fifteen-year-old Christopher John Francis Boone is mathematically gifted and socially hopeless, raised in a working-class home by parents who can barely cope with their child’s quirks. He takes everything that he sees (or is told) at face value, and is unable to sort out the strange behavior of his elders and peers.

Late one night, Christopher comes across his neighbor’s poodle, Wellington, impaled on a garden fork. Wellington’s owner finds him cradling her dead dog in his arms, and has him arrested. After spending a night in jail, Christopher resolves–against the objection of his father and neighbors–to discover just who has murdered Wellington. He is encouraged by Siobhan, a social worker at his school, to write a book about his investigations, and the result–quirkily illustrated, with each chapter given its own prime number–is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.


Haddon’s novel is a startling performance. This is the sort of book that could turn condescending, or exploitative, or overly sentimental, or grossly tasteless very easily, but Haddon navigates those dangers with a sureness of touch that is extremely rare among first-time novelists. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is original, clever, and genuinely moving: this one is a must-read. –Jack Illingworth,

Exercise of the week

January 11, 2011
Flower Picking Lunge with Row: Anchor one foot, hold onto the tube and choke up to create a good bit of tension. Hinge forward at the hips creating a straight line from the top of the head to the back heel. The lunge here is shallow and is weighted in the hip/glutes. Once this move is perfected, add in the row with the upper body. Repeat on the opposite leg.
Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Keep the spine in neutral by drawing belly button to spine
  • Knees stay above the ankles, not over the toes
  • Weight the front leg with little to no pressure on the back leg.
  • The lunge is straight up and down as opposed to forward and back.
  • For knee pain, make this movement a more shallow version.
  • To decrease intensity, take the tubing/resistance out of the exercise.
The Prenatal “WHY”: This combination exercise strengthens very functional muscles for a new mom: glutes and scapular adduction. The addition of balance is a bonus for core stabilization…be sure there are “balance aids” available in case in balance is a concern.