Exercise of the week

Flower Picking Lunge with Row: Anchor one foot, hold onto the tube and choke up to create a good bit of tension. Hinge forward at the hips creating a straight line from the top of the head to the back heel. The lunge here is shallow and is weighted in the hip/glutes. Once this move is perfected, add in the row with the upper body. Repeat on the opposite leg.
Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Keep the spine in neutral by drawing belly button to spine
  • Knees stay above the ankles, not over the toes
  • Weight the front leg with little to no pressure on the back leg.
  • The lunge is straight up and down as opposed to forward and back.
  • For knee pain, make this movement a more shallow version.
  • To decrease intensity, take the tubing/resistance out of the exercise.
The Prenatal “WHY”: This combination exercise strengthens very functional muscles for a new mom: glutes and scapular adduction. The addition of balance is a bonus for core stabilization…be sure there are “balance aids” available in case in balance is a concern.



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