Exercise of the week

Disc Plank to Tuck:  

Place both feet on the gliding discs or plates and get into plank position. Activate the core and draw both feet in towards the chest at the same time. (This can be performed without discs or plates by jumping the feet in and back out).

Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Keep the spine in neutral by drawing belly button to spine
  • Align the head with the spine.
  • Pull the knees in with core…not solely with the hip flexors.
  • For wrist pain, try this exercise on the fists.
  • To decrease intensity, walk the feet in and out slowly.
The Prenatal “WHY”: The core challenge in this exercise is beneficial for the prenatal woman when combating the postural dysfunction which comes as her pregnancy progresses. As baby gets bigger, she will need to separate her knees to leave room for belly.

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