Moms With a Mission

February 28, 2011

Week #5: Tip#4 Physical activity can protect against breast cancer.


Please Join us for March Book Club

February 22, 2011

Please join us at Marci’s house for her brothers’s book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. The potluck theme is FRENCH food.

“William Kamkwamba was born in Malawi, Africa, a country plagued by AIDS and poverty. Like most people in his village, his family subsisted on the meager crops they could grow, living without the luxuries—consider necessities in the West—of electricity or running water. Already living on the edge, the situation became dire when, in 2002, Malawi experienced the worst famine in 50 years. Struggling to survive, 14-year-old William was forced to drop out of school because his family could not afford the $80-a-year tuition.

Though he was not in a classroom, William continued to think, learn—and dream. Armed with curiosity, determination, and a library book he discovered in a nearby library, he embarked on a daring plan—to build a windmill that could bring his family the electricity only two percent of Malawians could afford. Using scrap metal, tractor parts, and blue-gum trees, William forged a crude yet working windmill, an unlikely hand-built contraption that would successfully power four light bulbs and two radios in his family’s compound. Soon, news of his invention spread, attracting interest and offers of help from around the world. Not only did William return to school but he and was offered the opportunity to visit wind farms in the United States, much like the ones he hopes to build across Africa.

A moving tale of one boy’s struggle to create a better life, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is William’s amazing story—a journey that offers hope for the lives of other Africans—and the whole world, irrefutably demonstrating that one individual can make a difference.”

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Exercise of the Week

February 22, 2011
Exercise of the Week: Up Down Push Up-Get into a plank position with legs extended and body in neutral. Slowly lower onto one elbow and then the other, return back to the hands and repeat. After a certain number of reps or amount of time switch to the other arm as the “lead”.
Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Keep spine in neutral and hips in line with the spine
  • Keep core engaged throughout
  • Concentrate on keeping hips square to the ground throughout movement
  • To make this less intense, perform from the knees instead of the toes.
The Prenatal “Why” of his Exercise : This exercise is a great exercise for the prenatal woman in terms of core strength and balance. The upper body strength will also train them for the job of motherhood.


Moms With a Mission

February 21, 2011

Week #4: Tip#3 Choose safe cosmetics. Check 


MNO- Oscars Party

February 20, 2011

Don’t forget to get a babysitter one week from today! MNO is an Oscars Party! See you there.

Exercise of the Week

February 15, 2011
Exercise of the Week: Woodchop-This exercise is a wonderfully functional movement to strengthen the core in the transverse plane. Place one handle of the tube on the ground and then stand on the tube with both feet. Hold onto the tube with both hands and choke up on the tube. Go down into a squat and as you rise out of the squat rotate the torso to the other side. Be sure to cue that the abdominals create this movement and that it involves very little shoulder work.
Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Shoulder blades down and back
  • Keep core engaged throughout
  • Pay attention to the core musculature which propels this movement
  • If you feel it in the shoulders, change your focus to the abdominals
  • To make this less intense, perform without the tube
The Prenatal “Why” of his Exercise : This exercise is truly functional and offers great core strength in the vertical position where most of life is spent.


A Healthy Valentine’s Day Treat

February 14, 2011

Our Favorite Guilt-Free Ways to Eat Chocolate

Dark Chocolate?Pistachio Apricots

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Apricots

1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips
24 dried apricots
4 tablespoons chopped pistachios

Melt chocolate chips. Dip half of each apricot in chocolate. Place on waxed paper. Sprinkle with pistachios. Let chocolate set in fridge.

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