Exercise of the Week

Squat Plus Lateral Raise:  

Step on the tube with both feet and cross the tube in front of you. Start with a standard squat holding onto the handles of the tube. Once the squat is mastered, add in the lateral raise bringing the arms up to the sides shoulder height.

Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Keep the spine in neutral by drawing belly button to spine
  • Align the head with the spine.
  • Keep the upper trapezius relaxed/away from the ears.
  • Lock wrists in neutral.
  • Keep knees soft.
  • To decrease intensity, perform exercise without the tubing.
The Prenatal “WHY”: There are so reasons why this exercise is good for the pregnant woman! Because she is training to be fit for motherhood, this very functional exercise trains the shoulders for lifting and carrying. The squat movement is the same movement she will use to get up and down and pick up her baby once they come home.

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