March Newsletter

Ready To Run Program
Reminder, we will begin our Ready To Run program Saturday March 5th and Wednesday March 9th.
Are you achieving your goals?
When you joined Stroller Strides, what was your goal?  Did you want to fit into a certain dress?  Were you hoping to become more fit?  Did you just want your pre-baby body back?  Have you reached your goal?  If you have that is great I challenge you to set a new one, possibly running a 5k, or maybe even a half marathon.  But what if you haven’t met your initial goal with Stroller Strides?  Sometimes when we begin a new challenge we have certain expectations but somewhere along the way we loose site of those expectations.  Just like many of you join Stroller Strides to meet a certain physical goal, as you come to more classes you see great initial improvement.  You make friends and you look forward to coming to class to be with your friends and share your previous evenings trials with children and husbands.  As time goes by Stroller Strides becomes more about the relationships you have made and less about the workouts.  I often have mother’s ask me why they have stopped seeing results.  This happens because just as you become comfortable with the workouts so does your body.  Once the class becomes managable, that is the time to increase your output.  Move more quickly from one station to the next, increase the level of cardio bursts and muscle strengthening exercises at each station.  I challenge you to challenge yourself each and everyday.  And most importantly be consistant with your attendance.  These are the best ways to acheive your goal. They are attainable!!!  Stroller Strides will give you the tools we just ask you to put in the work.  Imagine how wonderful you will feel when you are able to scratch this goal off your list and give yourself a new one.
Weather Reminders
This is just a reminder that the Meetup email will be sent or the 800# will be updated at 8:30am if class is moved to the mall. We move to the mall if one of the follow applies:
  • the “feels like” is 40 degrees or below
  • it is raining outside
  • the chance of rain is 40% or greater
Since our “winters” here are basically just random cold fronts, it is very difficult to know if we will be outside from one day to the next. Tips for San Antonio “winters” and Stroller Strides are:
  • Dress in layers for both you and your children
  • Keep an extra coat and or blanket in the car
  • Save 800-279-7430 to your phone
March Activities
Tuesday March 8 @ 7pm…Book Club
Thursday March 10 @ 11am…Lunch at MoMak’s
Monday March 14 @ 10:45am…St. Patrick Craft @ OP
Friday March 18 @ 11am…Field Trip to the Zoo
March 21 @ 11am…Coffee after class at La Taza
March 28 @ 11am…Storytime at Semmes Library
March 30 @ 6:30pm…MNO Alamo Draft House Park North
Walker Ranch classes MAY be moving due to construction of Wurzbach Pkwy. IF the park entrance of Walker Ranch closes we will move classes to Phil Hardberger Park M,W,F.

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