April 30, 2011

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Enter to win prizes totaling $1,700


MNO @ Stonewerks this Wednesday!

April 25, 2011

Who’s hosting? Angela L BichonLisa DeArmondMelissa Sanchez

How to find us: If you have any questions please call/text Melissa 210-827-2809

You’ve worked hard and seen results! Now it’s time to celebrate! We’ll have dinner and celebrate your accomplishments!

Location: Stonewerks

Please also note that the 1st & 2nd prize winners will win a gift certificate to Lululemon

Just a reminder: Each participant will donate $10 and Lisa will match what is given!!! Please give your donation to Lisa, Angela Bichon or Melissa Sanchez.

We are also having a small presentation by Susan Douglass who will be talking to us about the new car safety rules. So arrive on time in order to hear this important information!

Book Club in May

April 23, 2011

“The Corrections” by Jonathan Franzen

Amid the media fizz, the novel of the year is a brilliant but strangely old-fashioned story of an intensely real family facing the perils of life in America.


The Corrections is a grandly entertaining novel for the new centurya comic, tragic masterpiece about a family breaking down in an age of easy fixes. After almost fifty years as a wife and mother, Enid Lambert is ready to have some fun. Unfortunately, her husband, Alfred, is losing his sanity to Parkinson’s disease, and their children have long since flown the family nest to the catastrophes of their own lives. The oldest, Gary, a once-stable portfolio manager and family man, is trying to convince his wife and himself, despite clear signs to the contrary, that he is not clinically depressed. The middle child, Chip, has lost his seemingly secure academic job and is failing spectacularly at his new line of work. And Denise, the youngest, has escaped a disastrous marriage only to pour her youth and beauty down the drain of an affair with a married manor so her mother fears. Desperate for some pleasure to look forward to, Enid has set her heart on an elusive goal: bringing her family together for one last Christmas at home.

Healthy Easter Treats

April 20, 2011

Healthy Easter Treats

One of the most common things associated with Easter treats is chocolate. Every year, children receive baskets full of chocolate treats that are hard on their teeth and bad for their health. This Easter, consider taking a healthier approach with this healthy but fun selection of Easter treats.

Healthy Edibles

You can create an Easter basket that includes some yummy edibles without going overboard with sugar filled processed chocolates. Instead, look for healthy snack foods that have less sugar and more nutrients but are still fun for your child.

Some popular choices may include chocolate covered raisins or peanuts, small boxes of raisins, dried fruit, Trail Mix, granola bars, juice boxes, fresh fruit, string cheese, homemade cookies, or sugar-free gum. You may also want to check out your local health food store where you will find tasty, healthy candies and bars your kids will love!

Active Treats – Small toys and items that promote activity are a great addition to any Easter basket. These treats help encourage children to get out and have fun while getting exercise at the same time. Here are a few active treat ideas may include ring toss games, skipping ropes, basketballs, soccer balls, or hula hoops.

Educational Treats – Toys that are both educational and fun are another wonderful option for a healthier Easter basket. Make sure you choose items appropriate for the age and ability of your child. Some ideas include hand held games (choose thinking games like Sudoku!), activity books, story books or novels, alphabet & number magnets, flashcards, or children’s card games (go fish, match, etc).

Creative Treats – If you have a creative or crafty child, items that can use to express their creativity will be a welcome addition to their baskets. Choose items that fit best with your child’s current age and interests. Some items to consider include scrapbooking supplies, beading kits, crayons or markers, coloring books, water paints, stickers & sticker books, play dough or modeling clay or gel pens.

Seasonal Treats – Easter falls right at the beginning of spring and there are many wonderful items you can included in your Easter baskets that also celebrate spring. This will encourage your child to get out and enjoy the season. Spring treats might include sidewalk chalk, bubbles, children’s gardening kits or kites.

Toiletries & Accessories – Toiletries and accessories make great Easter basket fillers especially for young girls. Depending on the age of your child, they may enjoy bubble bath, lip gloss, bath crayons, or novelty tooth brushes. Older girls will enjoy earrings, necklaces, watches, fancy shoelaces, tattoos and other accessories.

Treats for Babies – Babies are at such a wonderful age and including them in your family traditions is so precious, but of course a healthy basket is even more important then ever with a baby. A healthy alternative for a baby’s Easter basket may include stuffed animals, a rattle, baby cookies, a special bib or a teething ring.

A Healthy Approach to Chocolate – Of course, Easter is a celebration so you may not want to cut out chocolate all together. Instead of one large chocolate Easter bunny, choose mini chocolate eggs and hide them around the house or yard. Children will get exercise while searching for the eggs without realizing it, and they won’t realize that they end up with less chocolate then they would have with a whole bunny.

Don’t forgo chocolate and candy altogether – add them in moderation to your baskets – but do make an effort to include healthy Easter treats for your loved ones this season as well.

Moms With a Mission

April 18, 2011

Week #12:  Spread the word! Send a Breast Cancer Fund E-Postcard

Visit Strong Voices to learn more


Exercise of the Week

April 12, 2011
Exercise of the Week: Supine Leg Circles-Start in a supine position
(on your back) with leg straight up from the hip joint and feet together.
Begin making a circle with the feet, getting wider
and wider with time. Repeat in the other direction.
Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Keep core engaged throughout by pulling belly button to spine
  • Slight bend in the knees
  • If low back pain occurs, make the circles smaller.
The Prenatal “Why” of his Exercise : This exercise is great
for a prenatal woman in her first trimester. After week 12,
replace this exercise with incline bicycles on the elbows.
Be sure the pregnant mom continues
to strengthen her abdominals throughout pregnancy.

Moms With a Mission

April 11, 2011

Week #11: Of 100,000+synthetic chemicals,<10% tested 4 effects on health. Regs. look at managing risks not preventing harm.