Exercise of the Week

Exercise of the Week: Plie with Shoulder Extension-Stand in front on your stroller and get into a plie position; feet out wide and toes pointing out. Hold the handles of the tube and choke up on it to create resistance between both hands. Begin into a plie squat, making sure the knees stay over the ankles (not the toes) at the lowest point of the squat. Add in the lateral shoulder extension at the bottom of the squat. Don’t forget smiles for baby!
Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
  • Keep core engaged throughout by pulling belly button to spine
  • Choose the level that is right for you today
  • Keep weight in the heels and knee over ankles…not toes.
  • As you press the arms out, imagine the movement like a punch.
  • To lessen the intensity, perform without the tube and make the plie a little more shallow.
The Prenatal “Why” of This ExerciseThis exercise is great for pregnant moms as it targets both upper and lower body!. The deltoids specifically are truly functional muscles for all the lifting and carrying she will be doing as a new mom.

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