Mom Tip


The Art of Mothering

Painting the Future

Ok, not to freak you out here or anything, but basically everything you do with your kids shapes them. This is not a bad thing, even when you think your brush strokes look more like a painting by Pollock than Monet. (Get ready for some mixed metaphors.)

When a sculptor begins with a block of marble, they visualize the finished piece before they pick up a tool. Once they start chiselling away what doesn’t belong, they make adjustments to their final vision according to what the marble wants to become.

This is what you’re doing with your kids: they come to you with their own personalities, gifts and challenges, and you make small changes every day. The good news is that one unwanted brush stroke can be manipulated into the larger picture – or covered up completely.

These brush strokes aren’t just about art, though. They combine every day with your scientist-mom side to contribute to your growth as a mom.


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