RSVP TODAY! Last Chance for Healthy Mama Challenge

Stroller Strides® has created a personal challenge in order to incentivize you to make time for your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT…it is your strength and vitality which makes you beautiful! This month-long challenge will give you the focus and drive to take time for yourself! Keeping a “score card” of your successes, you will track the points you earn through daily activities. For example, points are rewarded for attending Stroller Strides classes, exercising on your own, taking time for yourself reading a book or taking a bath, keeping a personal journal, eating fruits and vegetables, and many other activities. The mom to collect the most points will win prizes! After four weeks of this challenge, you will be exercising more, eating your fruits and veggies each day and feeling great about yourself and your new healthy habits! This challenge can be an individual journey or you can join forces with friends for a team challenge. See your franchisee for challenges details. In addition to your daily activities, you will be receiving four weekly emails with ideas to earn more points. They will be geared to motivate, inspire and connect!
There are 3 categories in which to earn daily points.
MIND As moms it is important to keep our minds healthy and sharp. You can earn MIND points by taking the time to strengthen your mind. Activities like reading a book, learning a new skill (i.e. knitting or scrapbooking), or taking a college course are all included in the MIND category.
BODY Getting physical activity everyday is essential! By attending Stroller Strides classes you can earn you maximum BODY points, however if you cannot attend classes, you can still earn points by doing any form of aerobic exercise that adds up to at least thirty minutes a day. Suggestions include walking, tennis, running, dance, swimming, etc. Weight training will also earn you points. Other ways to earn BODY points are with healthy eating. Earn points for eating fruits and vegetables, (other than potatoes or dried legumes like refried beans or bean/pea soup as they are considered starches). A vegetable serving is equal to: ½ c cooked vegetables, ½ c raw chopped vegetable, 1 c raw leafy vegetable, or ½ c juice. Fruit serving size would include: 1 whole medium fruit (about 1 cup), ½ c canned fruit, ¼ c dried fruit, or ½ c juice. Also, drinking at least 60 ounces of water every day can earn you points. Finally, keeping a food journal can earn you points. You must record everything you eat, when you ate it and how much was eaten. A food journal template will be given to you.
SPIRIT Connecting with your spirit-life will help make you more of a complete person. Earn SPIRIT points by spending time meditating/praying or silent time. Connect with your inner self and learn what you are feeling and thinking. We recognize that people have different ways of expressing their spirituality yet a healthy spiritual life is an essential part of your well-being. Points in this category can be earned by participating in the meditative benefits of yoga, prayer and time in silence. Also a keeping a daily journal can help you track your progress (i.e. what you think, what you feel, what you need to do, etc.). The following are a few journaling ideas to help get you started: Think of a goal for journaling …why are you doing it? Write a letter to yourself, someone else (real or imagined), or a spiritual guide. Write about events that trigger certain emotions, thoughts, memories, etc.
Cost of the Challenge is $15.  Winners will receive prizes. Participants will be split into teams of two.
The last day of the competition will be June 30th and score cards are due June 30th!
You can find links to the score card and food diary below.
Just follow the links.
Score Card Instructions will be uploaded to the files section of MeetUp.
RSVP to by Monday May 30th at Midnight.  Teams will be announced Tuesday night via email.

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