Exercise of the Week

Exercise of the Week: Diagonal Stroller Lunge-Stand in front of your stroller and baby, leading with your outside leg, begin a lunge to the side of the front wheel. Push back to a standing position and lunge with the other leg. This simple and effective exercise is even better when baby interaction is involved! Play with tempo and patterns, as well.
  • Keep core engaged throughout by pulling belly button to spine
  • Shoulder blades in your back pockets
  • At the lowest point of the lunge, keep knee over ankles…not toes
  • Pivot back foot slightly to protect knee when changing sides
  • To lessen the intensity, don’t go as deep into the lunge.
Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
The Prenatal “Why” of This ExerciseWhen baby comes home, the new mom will need lower body strength for all the getting up and getting down she will be doing in order to feed and care for her newborn.

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