August 2011 Newsletter

Attendance Contest Begins August 8th! 
Starting August 8th we will be giving away at random Plum Tots Mish Mash pouches and a gift from Lucy Activewear. The more classes you attend the more chances you have to win goodies!
Check out Lucy Activewear:
REMINDER Ready to Run begins August 6th!
Our Ready to Run training class will begin this Saturday August 6th at Hardberger Park. We will be training for two events.  Our first Event is the Alamo Beer Challenge 15k on October 22nd, the second is the Rock n Roll half marathon.  You may choose between the two events or you may participate in both.
Cost of Training Session is $100 for Stroller Strides Members and $125 for non-members.
Refer a friend to receive $25 off the cost of training.  Or refer two and have your entire training fee waived!!!
Hot Weather Tips
As the temperature rises it is important that you do all you can to take care of yourself and your little one(s) by staying hydrated and cool.  Here’s some tips we’ve learned the past few hot summers of Stroller Strides:
  • Drink extra water before, during and after your workout. Add in a little Gatorade or other electrolyte drink if needed.
  • Eat a sensible breakfast before class.
  • Bring a spray mist bottle and/or a Chilly Pad to cool down yourself or little ones.
  • A clip on fan, a bag of frozen veggies or even a Chillow can help keep baby cool, especially those still in the infant car seat carrier.
  • Listen to your body! If you feel you’re getting overheated alert your instructor and stop to take a rest. Don’t be embarrassed or try and push through.
  August Luna Mom’s Club Activities 
Saturday August 6th @ 8:30am…Ready to Run Running Classes Begin @ Hardberger
Tuesday August 9th @ 7pm…August Book Club
Thursday August 18th @ 11:15am…LUNA Mom’s Club Picnic Lunch @ Hardberger
RSVP on Meetup!
Weather Reminders
This is just a reminder that the Meetup email will be sent or the 800# will be updated at 8:30am if class is moved to the mall. We move to the mall if one of the follow applies:
  • it is raining outside
  • the chance of rain is 40% or greater
  • heat advisory
  • Save 800-279-7430 to your phone

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