Exercise of the Week

Exercise of the Week: Stroller Sit Up-Sit in front of your stroller with the front wheel between your feet. With feet flat on the ground and knees bent, lower to the ground. Keep hands behind the head and engage the abdominals to contract into a sit up. Be sure to tickle baby at the top!
  • Keep core engaged throughout by pulling belly button to spine
  • Relax your neck and jaw
  • To lessen the intensity, don’t come all the way up in the sit up and make it a “crunch”
Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
The Prenatal “Why” of This Exercise: Strengthening the core is crucial to help combat the postural changes which happen throughout pregnancy, especially lordosis. If she is in her 2nd or 3rd trimester, make sure that she doesn’t come all the down onto her back.

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