Exercise of the Week

Exercise of the Week: Plank with Crunch Into 3 Legged Dog –Begin in a plank position and draw one knee in towards to opposite shoulder. Progress into a 3 legged dog by extending the leg upwards. Return to plank and begin again on the other side.
CLICK HEREto watch a video of this exercise!
  • Brace the entire core before the movement happens.
  • Draw the knee very close to the opposite shoulder
  • Slow the movement down and make each part focused and intense
  • The goal in the 3 legged dog is to create a straight line from the extended leg and the torso
  • B R E A T H E
  • For less intensity, take out either the crunch or the hip extension  
The Prenatal “Why” of This Exercise-There is a great deal of core strengthening taking place in this movement which aids in possibly alleviating muscle fatigue and pain in pregnancy. As her pregnancy progresses, the diagonal crunch will need to be taken out as belly will be in the way.

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