Exercise of the Week

Exercise of the Week: Squat with Lateral Raise-Start by standing on the tube with
both feet and cross the tubing in front. Begin the squatting motion with weight in heels
and knees stacked over the ankles. Once this movement has been mastered, add in
the lateral raise with the tubing.
  • Keep core engaged throughout by pulling belly button to spine
  • Squeeze the glutes at the top of the squat while keeping the knees soft
  • Keep the shoulders away from the ears
  • Only lift the arms as high as you can, you don’t have to come up to the shoulders
  • To lessen the intensity, perform the exercise without the tube/resistance.
 Click Here to watch a video of this exercise!
The Prenatal “Why” of his ExerciseThis exercise is great for a prenatal woman because it strengthens the upper and lower body. The multi-tasking this exercise demonstrates creates a stronger mom for when baby comes home.

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