About Lisa DeArmond

Lisa DeArmond and children

Lisa moved to San Antono at age 5.  A lifelong athlete, Lisa attended University of The Incarnate Word on a soccer scholarship.  After graduation, Lisa made exercise a significant part of her life taking part in yoga, pilates, weight training and running.

Lisa continued to exercise throughout her pregnancy with her first daughter, Mallory.  After the birth of her daughter, Lisa wanted to continue her exercise routine.  She joined a gym with a day care facility, but was disappointed with the child care and found making friends was difficult.  After moving to Los Angeles, CA, Lisa immediately started attending Stroller Strides classes with the now 5 month old Mallory.  Stroller Strides was a perfect fit for her.  It challenged her physically and provided her with instant mommy friends.  Those instant friends grew into lasting friendships.

In Los Angeles, Lisa became an active member in Stroller Strides as play group captain. Lisa and her family moved to San Antonio in July of 2007.  She continued her membership and role as playgroup captain until she became a certified Stroller Strides instructor in pre- and post-natal fitness. In 2008, she founded North San Antonio Stroller Strides where she remains an active instructor.


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