Question of the Month

April 1, 2011

What would you do with one more hour a day???

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a. Sleep

b. Snuggle with my kids

c. Relax

d. Play catch up


January’s Question

January 6, 2011

What’s your favorite work-out song?

a. Old school Madonna

b. Top 40, or whatever is on the radio

c. Keep it moving Techno or House

d. I make my own playlists

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Need some new jams? Log onto and download their 30 minute playlists from Itunes. Sample below

Killer Cardio Combo.

Question of the month

December 6, 2010

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How do you avoid the holiday weight gain?

a. Portion control.

b. Oh, who cares? It’s the holidays!

c. Do an extra 15 minutes of cardio.

d. Just avoid parties altogether.